Projects 2022

Private debt survey

An entity commissioned a survey of private lending from us.

This brings the number of surveys realized using go-questionnaire to ten.

  1. ZEW Index
  2. EU policy areas
  3. Fiscal macro multiplicators
  4. Financial literacy
  5. State government tax policy
  6. EU reform
  7. Paternalism of politicians
  8. Retirement saving
  9. Green finance
  10. Private lending

Many thousand survey questions were answered by members of parliament from France, Italy, Germany, the EU; from mayors and state parliamentarians in Italy and Germany; and from academic researchers from all EU member states.

No data has been lost, no data got corrupted and the software never crashed.

I could not have done this without the amazing productivity of the Go language. The ideas behind it are outlined by Rob Pike here.

Mass mailing

BIII chooses go-questionnaire         (3.May)

PWA technology prototype         (16. Feb)